About Palatine

Credit Reference Reports

Palatine (R&D) Group provides credit reference reports on individuals, limited companies and small businesses together with a thorough debtor tracing service by Post, Telephone, Fax or E-mail.

Process Serving
  Palatine (R&D) Group offers a nationwide process serving facility on fixed rates whereby all documents are personally served within strict time frames.
Online Databases
  Palatine (R&D) Group also provides online access to various databases for credit references and debtor tracing purposes. This is mainly supplied to investigators, bailiffs, trace agents, detectives and enquiry agents and allows them to access the best available source for the most up to date and comprehensive data available (on the most cost effective basis).
Ten reasons to use our Online Services
  Access to three global databases

Access to three databases who supply credit information on individuals, small business and limited companies.

  No Trace Minimal Fee
  The tracing information is conducted on a no trace, minimal fee basis. If the databases aren't able to track down your subject it will only cost a few pence.
  The Latest Information At Your Fingertips
  The information is live data which means the information you're looking at will always be the most up to date information.
  No Prepayments or Annual Subscriptions
  Accounts are rendered monthly, so you only pay for what you use. You can always be sure with Palatine (R&D) Group there are no hidden charges.
  On-site Technical Support.
  Palatine (R&D) Group provides on-going on site technical support and training free of charge to all of it's clients.
  Free Advertising
  There is free entry into the Palatine (R&D) Group Agency Directory, which is sent to all other agents and branches that work from other areas of the country.
  Free Data Protection Support
  Palatine (R&D) Group provides free advice and assistance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and compliance issues.
  Palatine (R&D) Group passes out process serves and enquiry work to agents from the Palatine Group Agency Directory.
  Value for Money
  Our prices are extremely competitive and are "cost price". You get maximum research facilities at minimum cost.
  Money Back Guarantee
  Palatine (R&D) Group gives credits in the unlikely event that a 'positive' trace is inaccurate.